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952 boys heart attack se mar gaye
531 ne suicide kar Le
371 boys Behosh ho Gaye,
Reason: kisi Kamini ne afwa faila di ki “NEHA” ki shaadi ho gayi.
Best Slogan Written
0n The Toilet Wall ...
"Treat Me Well And
Keep Me Clean,
I'll Not Tell Anyone,
What I Have Seen ..."
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"Kahun K Kia Ho Tum....?"
Mere liye meri Duniya ho Tum,
Cho k jo Guzre wo Hawa ho Tum,
Maine jo Mangi wo Dua ho Tum,
Kya maine Mehsos wo Ehsas ho Tum,
Meri Nazar ki Talash ho Tum,
Meri Zindagi ka Qarar ho Tum,
Maine jo Chaha wo Pyar ho Tum,
Mere Intizar ki Rahat ho Tum,
Mere Dil ki Chahat ho Tum,
Tum ho tu Duniya hai Meri,
Kaise Kahun k Sirf Pyar Nahin,
Meri JAAN ho Tum.
In exam hall a girl to santa:
Mujhe bas is ans ki starting bata do baki main likh lungi.SANTA ne dhyan se idhar-udhar dekha,fir dhire se bola:
Kaam kaam kaam
10 to 5 tak kaam
uske baad ek shaam
ush shaam mein aapke liye ek pyara sa jaam
ush jaam se aap hamesha k liye jaam
to bhool jao kaam
Category : Misc SMS Jokes
Being The Best Doesn't Always Mean
'Being On Top',
It Means Doing The 'Best'
You Can In The Situation You are 'In'
~Author Unknown
Million people r sleeping,
Crores r doing work,
Lakh r watching TV,
1000′s r talking heart to heart,
1 cute heart is reading my msg.
Miss u
Gud Night
A Youing Couple Were
Having Their First Fight
And It Was A Big One
After A While,
The Husband Said:
"When We Got Married,
You Promised To Love,
Honor n Obey"
His Bride Replied:
"I Know But I Didn't
Want To Start An
Argument In Front Of
All Those People At d
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