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My past says u met me
My future says u will care 4 me
My present says u will understand me
But my heart says u will
Always Remember ME!
Category : Misc SMS Jokes
Which is more painful???
"when a person whom u trusted,hurts u.."
"the person whom u hurted,still trusts u.."
keep thinking
Category : Broken Heart SMS
Smallest misunderstanding creates a major ripple
in the relation with ur loved one.
better be clear with everything rather than repent for doing nothing
A smile is a curve that
sets everything straight
and wipes wrinkle away
hope u share a lots and
receive a lots 4 days 2 come
happy birthday .......
Category : Birthday SMS
Ek important message:-
Agar Kabhi toot kar bikhar jaoto mujhe yaad kar lena.
kyu ki
Mere pas 5/- Rs
wala fevi-quick bekaar pada hai.
Aisa nahi ke
har khusi mujhse begani hai,
par dil nahi manta ke
tere bina bhi koi zindegani hai…
Ek wada kiya tha Ek wada nibhane ke liye,
Ek dil diya tha Ek dil pane ke liye,
Usne Mohbbat sikhadi aur kaha
Maine to pyaar kiya tha tume aazmane ke liye.
Superiority of Women:What is the next thing that guys do after winning an argument with their girlfriends/wifes..????Apologies…!!

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