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Importance of thumb...
Children use it 4 chewing
Illiterate people use it 4 sign
Winners 4 victory
My FANS use it 4 reading my messages
Oh....u toooo?
Category : Funny SMS
Girl: When we get married,
I want to share all your worries,
troubles and lighten your burden.
Boy: It's very kind of you, darling, But I don't have any worries or troubles.
Girl: Well that is because we aren't married yet.
Ladkiyan ek dusre ko gift deti hai
or ladke..??Ye le LADKI ka number..
Bas mera naam nahi aana chahiye!
Impact of Movies:Teacher :- Who is Mahatma Gandhi?Student:- He is the one who helped
Munna Bhai to impress his girlfriend!
We fight. .!
We seprate. . !
And then we miss each other. .
Thats love. . .
Category : Love SMS
The greatest gift
you can give to someone
is your time,
because when you give your time,
you're giving them a portion of life
that you never get back.
Good Morning,
Have a lovely day!
Category : Good Morning SMS
Miss ne nursery class k bchay se kaha
1 se 10 tk gino main tumhen kiss krun gi
Bacha bola:
Agr me 1 se 1000 tak ginu to koi pakage hai?
Category : Misc SMS Jokes
Treat life as sea,
Heart as d seashore &
FRIENDS like d waves.
It never matters how many waves r there?
What matters is which 1 touches d seashore.
Category : Friendship SMS

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