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Kya Fayada Kisi ko chahane ka ?
Kya Fayada Kisi ki yadon me aansu bhane ka ?
jo samjhe na kisi ke dil mein basa pyaar..
kya fayada uske pyaar meindil ko tadpane ka
Category : Poetry SMS
Two Best Advices For Safe Life :
1. Always Speak The Truth, No Matter How Bitter Harsh It Is ..
2. Run Immediately After Saying It..:)
Category : Funny SMS
Apni taklif me mujhe umid samjhna.
koi gam aaye to aapne najdik samjhna.
de saku hansi us ansu ke badle to .
hajaro ke bich mujhe sabse krib samjhna.
Golden Words By Hitler:
If u cant fly, run
if u cant run, walk
if u cant walk, crawl
but.. keep moving
Santa: O taa thik ae par jana kithay hai?
Har khushi dil ke karib nahi hoti,
zindagi ghamon se dur nahi hoti,
ae dost is dosti ko sanjokar rakhna,
aisi dosti har kisi ko nasib nahi hoti
Category : Poetry SMS
Don't B A Parrot In Life, B An Eagle.
A Parrot Speaks But Cant Fly High,
But An Eagle Is Silent
Has The Willpower 2 Touch The Sky... :)
Category : Wise SMS Quotes
Before the golden sun sets,
2012's calender is destroyed,
And mobile networks get jammed,
I wish in 2013 every moment is enjoyed
Category : New Year SMS
You Know
Means A Lot To You
When Their Mood Affects

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