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Once A Girl Askd Her Bf :
Why We Have Units To Measure
Weight, Height & Distance
Not Love, Friendship & Trust?
Boy Thought For A While
Took Her In His Arms,
Looked Deep In Her Eyes & Said
Look, DON'T Eat My Brain!
I Have Already Failed In Physics :p:D
Category : Funny SMS, Love SMS
"Saying gudnite is not just putting
an end to a day.Its a way of saying ,
I remember u before i go 2 sleep.
Hope u can feel the care that goes with it….
Category : Good Night SMS
Love is 2 souls
intertwined in such a way
you can't find their meeting place
nor can you tear it apart
it is one embodiment of
pure pleasure & pain ,
joy & sorrow
Category : Love SMS
The Thread asked the Candle:
"Why do You dissolve yourself, when I burn?"
Candle replied: "You R my heart.
If U suffer, I'm bound to shed Tears 4 U"
That's a Relationship!
Some of the best moments in life...
*lying in the bed listening to the rain outside
*thinking about the person u love
*taking a long drive on a calm road
*finding money in your old jeans when u just need it
*holding ur hands with your friends
*getting a hug from someone u love
*the ur eyes are filled with tears after a big laugh
*wishing u all these beautiful, tomorrow and forever....
Category : Cool/Decent SMS
Success lies not in the result
but in the effort,
Being the best is not at all important,
doing the best is all that matters.
Hand grasps at hand
eye lights eye in good
great hearts expands
grow one in te sense
of this worlds life.
Category : Friendship SMS
A mobile is like women - Talks non-stop, costs a fortune, disturbs when u r busy and when u need them urgently they have no service.
Category : Flirt SMS

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