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I found Aaladin's Lamp.
I asked him to increase all girls' brain 10 times more.
He laughed & told-Multiplication does not apply on Zero..!
Category : Funny SMS
One day u will ask me:
What is more important to you,
me or your life?
I will say: my life,
You will walk away from me
without knowing that U R MY LIFE!!!
Koi dukh na ho koi ghum na ho,
Koi aankh kabhi num na ho,
Koi dil kisi ka tore na,
Koi sath kisi ka chore na,
Bas piyar ki nadiyan behti ho,
Kaash k Duniya aisi ho...
Category : Poetry SMS
Yeh zara zara si baat per,
Tarha tarha ka azaab kiyon?
Jo kisi say bhi khafa na ho,
Mujhey us khuda ki talash hai.
Mujhey laghzishon pay her ghari,
Koi tokta hay baar baar.
Jisay ker k dil ko dukh na ho,
Mujhey us gunah ki talash hai,
Bina Humsafar k kab talak,
Koi musafaton main laga rahay.
Jahan koi kisi say juda na ho,
Mujhey us raah ki talash hay.
Mujhey daikh ker jo aik nazar,
Meray saray dard samajh sakay.
Jo is qadar ho Chara-e-gar,
Mujhey us nigaah ki talaash hay.
If Someone Ask Me Who is Your Best Friend?
I Will Simply Say…
“Someone Who’ll Never Avoid Me
Just Because of Someone Else”.. !
Category : Friendship SMS
God made us body parts for a reason.
Eyes : to look at you
Hands : to pray for you
Mind : to remember you
Heart : to miss you
Legs : to kick you if u ever forget me!!
Category : Love SMS
Some men change their party
for the sake of their principles,
others their principles for
the sake of their party.
Category : Politics SMS
let mee gooo draw your face !
dont move !
@ @
. ! .
. ^^ .
. haiy hayi tuseeee kedeh sony hoooo

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