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Girl apne Boyfriend se:
Main Maa Ban ne wali hun.
Boy: nahi..
Girl: Oye Pagal…
Tere Baap ne Mujhe Propose kiya hai..
Main teri maa ban ne wali hun!
The Biggest Internet Lie
that we have all told at least once
"I have Read & I agree to the Terms & conditions.." :-P :-D Lolzz
Category : Misc SMS Jokes
Sochiye physics kitni eassy hotiaagraagraagraagrApple ki jagah ped gira hota
aur newton wahi nipat gaya hota.
Forget abt D past you cant change it,
Forget abt d future You cant predict it
Forget abt d present I dint get you one
Happy birthday!!!
Category : Birthday SMS
We enjoy warmth because we have been cold.
We appreciate light because we have been in darkness.
By the same token,
we can experience joy because we have known sadness.
Category : Sad SMS
A race horse that consistently
runs just 1 second faster
than others is worth millions of dollars more.
Don't compromise on 2nd position in life.
Hum to mojod thy raaton me ujalon ki tarah,
Log nikly hi nahi dhondne walon ki tarah,
Dil to kia hum rooh me uter jate,
Us ne chaha hi nahi chahne walon ki tarah
Category : Poetry SMS
Don't make friends before understanding
Don't break a friendship after misunderstanding
Category : Friendship SMS

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