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Tomorrow is very important in our life.
Tomorrow is only for that person.
Who sacrifice her life,her happiness
and all her time only for us.
DO u know whats tomorrow.
Tomorrow is mother day.
you must be wished ur mother.
you must say to her I love u mother,
Mom i m incomplete without u.
I m thankful to u for my good up bring.
Category : Mother's Day SMS
One Of The Best Moments In Life Is Wen,
"U See Ur Yellow Rose Turning Red Rose",
Hard 2 Understand????
So Read Again..
"Ur Friend Turns Into Ur Love"
Love urself ,
Flirt with ur understanding,
Romance with dreams,
Get engaged with simplicity,
Marry genuiness,
Divorce the ego..
Thats Good Life..
Beautiful flowers die....
Nice stories end......
Lovely songs fade........ ..
Momeries are forgotten... ..
All things comes to end.....
But people like YOU always remain forever
Category : Funny SMS
Mohhabat Ka ghum hota bohut Hai,
K ab Ye Lafz Bhi Ruswa bohut Hai,
Udasi Ka Sabab Main Kiya Bataon?
Gali Kochon Mein sannata bohut Hai,
Na milne Ki qasam Kha K Bhi Main Ne,
Tujhe Har Raah Mein dhunda bohut Hai,
Ye Aankhein Aur Kiya Dekhein Kisi Ko,
Inn Aankhon Ne tujhe Dekha bohut Hai,
Na Jaane Kyun Bacha Rakhe Hein Aanso,
Shayid mujhe Rona bohut hai,
Tujhe maloom To hoga mere humdum,
Tujhe Aik Shakhs Ne Chaha bohut hai.!
Category : Ghazal SMS
Dil mai intezar ki lakeer chor jaengay,
Ankhon mai yadon ki nami chor jaingey,
Dhondte phiro gay hamain 1 din,
Zindagi mai eik aisi kami chor jayengay
Category : Poetry SMS
Jab bhi aap se milne ki Taqdeer nazar aayi,
Mujhe Paon mein bandhi Zanzeer nazar aayi,
Teri Yaadon mein nikal parey Aansu,
Har Aansu mein teri Tasveer nazar aayi.
Category : Poetry SMS
great qualities of students:
1- CONSISTENCY: Once a zero, always a zero.
2- VOICE MODULATION: Attendance in5 different voices.
3- PRESENTATION SKILL: Presenting 1answer in 5 different ways for 5 different Questions.
4- ART: Designing Classroom Tables.
5- STAMINA: Tolerate teachers for 90 mint lectures.
6- PERIPHERAL VISION: Checking out a girl and guy sitting behind.
7- HUMANITY: Giving others chance 2 Top.

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