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Cool Msg by a woman-
Dear Mother-in-law,
"Don't Teach me how 2 handle my children,
I'm living with one of yours
he needs a lot of improvement" ;)
Nigahain mila kar kiya dil ko zakhmi,
Ada'ain dikha kar sitam dhaa rahi ho,
Wafaaon ka khoob sila diya,
Ab tadapta hua chor kar jaa rahi ho.
Category : Poetry SMS
Colors may fade, the sun may not shine,
the moon may not be bright,
heartbeats may stop,
lives may pass but our friendship,
I'll treasure 'till the day my heart stops.
Category : Friendship SMS
May the little flower,
laying in gloom,
Rise and bloom,
Swaying endlessly,
this way and that way,
Morn to dusk, everyday.
Get Well Soon!
As I feel the tear go down my cheek,
I notice that my heart is weak,
For the love I have for you,
Will always be gold and true,
I have made some mistakes, they rest in the past,
But know my love will always last,
Even though we are a distance apart,
You always have the key to my heart.
Category : Love SMS, Sorry SMS
You are not responsible for
what people think about you.
But you are responsible for
what you give them to think about you.
Category : Wise SMS Quotes
Love is an illusion!
Its a highly dependency disorder
of weak hearted people..
People with strong hearts
believe in FLIRTING :p
Category : Flirt SMS
Love knows no reasons,
Love knows no lies,
Love defines all reasons,
Love has no eyes...
But love is not blind,
Love sees all but doesnt mind.....
Category : Love SMS

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