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Loving hundred wrong persons
may not even effect your life,
hating one right person
will leave you a broken
throughout your life. . .!
Category : Love SMS
Do you know
how it feels to love
someone who doesnt
love you ?
Its like
waiting for a boat at the airport
Category : Funny SMS, Love SMS
Girl:How much do you love me?
Boy:My heart is a mobile and you are its SIM
Girl:Ooh God.. I am soo lucky..
She doesn't know that my mobile is dual sim :P
Never expect anything in return from any1
But the truth is
when we really love someone,
we naturally expect a little care 4rm them!
Category : Cool/Decent SMS
Kaisay keh dain k unsay milnay ki chahat nahi,
Beqrar dil ko ab bhi rahat nahi,
Bhula daitay unhain bhi magar kia karain dost,
Kisi ko bhulanay ki is dil ko aadat nahin
Category : Poetry SMS
952 boys heart attack se mar gaye
531 ne suicide kar Le
371 boys Behosh ho Gaye,
Reason: kisi Kamini ne afwa faila di ki “NEHA” ki shaadi ho gayi.
There are two type of studies:
1 - hard subjects which Cannot be studied.
2 - easy subject that Doesn't need to be studied
Category : Exam SMS,Funny SMS
Flower are many
But i like rose.
Friends are many
But I like u.
Category : Friendship SMS

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