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A young woman who was worried about
her habit of biting her fingernails
was advised by a friend to take up yoga.
She did, and soon her fingernails were growing normally.
Seeing this, her friend congratulated her and said yoga
had totally cured her nervousness.
"No," she replied, "
but now I can reach my toe-nails so I bite them instead.
Category : Misc SMS Jokes
Wafa ka naam na lo yaron,
Wafa dil ko dukahati hai.
Jub bhi Wafa ka naam lete hi,
hume ek bewafa ki yaad Aati hai
Category : Poetry SMS
Doing nothing?
Then Make a Place,
4 Me in ur Heart!!
I May come there any time!
Ur's Faithfully,
"HeArT aTtAcK"
Category : Munna bhai SMS
If love is sweet why does it hurt,
if love is deep why does it burn,
if love is warm why do we shiver,
if love is tender why do we cry,
if love is forever why do we die
Category : Love SMS
Chand chup geya,
Soraj ki Roshni Aam ho aai
Munni Or Sheela ke Bad ab
“Veena bhi Badnam hogai
Veena Badnam hui ASHMET Tery Liye
I'm sorry I brought this upon you, my boy.
I'm sorry you must carry this burden.
I'm sorry for everything!
Category : Sorry SMS
Algorithm follow by majority of girls on facebook
1.Upload a new profile pic
2.Wait for everyone & I mean almost everyone to like and or comment "cute,"cho..chweet","awww","awesome" etc..
3.Be happy...
4.Respond to every comment and like INDIVIDUALLY
5.Be happy again!!!
6.Goto step 1. :p
Category : Misc SMS Jokes
Wo laut aayega teri zindagi mein,
jiska intzaar tujhe aaj bhi hai,
maana waqt ney ki hai bewafai tujhse
lekin meri duaon me asar aaj bhi hai
Category : Poetry SMS

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