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Women r greedy,
they want everything from d same man..
Men r so simple,
they want the same thing from every woman
Category : Naughty SMS
Thousands laid down their lives so
that our country is breathing this day
Never forget their sacrifice...
Happy Independence Day
Mango, Orange, Banana & Apple
Which is sweet?
nahi pata
Are baba ye sab sweet nahi fruits hai
Oye hoye smile to dekho!
It Is Risky Not To Take Risk.
If You Don't Take Risk,
Risk Will Take You.
Category : Wise SMS Quotes
Kismat do pal mein badal sakta he INSAN,
Per jo INSAN ko badal de wo kismat nahin hoti,
Apni kismat pe rota wohi shakhs hay jisko,
Sajdon me rone ki adat nahin hoti
Category : Poetry SMS
Ghamon say kia darna,
wo to sab hi ko miltay hain
Pholon ko daikho,
hamaisha kanton k beech khiltay hain...
Category : Poetry SMS
Most of the problems in life comes
because of two reasons .
First, we act without thinking
second,We keep thinking without acting.
Universal Truth:
Have you ever noticed that when you shout-HEY IDIOT!!
About 1O People’ll turn around…!

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