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Apne dil ko tatolke apni baat keh do.
“Today is a day of celebration.
Why? xx years ago on the same day,
GOD sent me my flesh and bone conscience.
Wishing my Friendly Inner Voice
a very happy b-day. Hugs & Kisses’
Category : Birthday SMS
It's not that
some peoples
have will power
some don't
it's that
Some people
are ready to
others are not..!
Category : Wise SMS Quotes
We think there is endless time to live,
But we never know which moment is last,
So share care
Love and celebrate every moment of LIFE.
Santa ki tapsya se khush ho kar bhagwan bole:
‘VAR MANGO VATS’Santa: Prabhu!! jaisa aap soch rahe hai mein vaisa nahi hu..
No matter if the sky is black or blue.
No matter.
If there r stars or moon.
As long as ur heart is true.
and my wish is with u.
Sweet dreams will always be with u.
Good Night
The Most Expensive Way
To Sleep With A Woman Is..
Kuch na ho ska
sirf is wajah zmaane se darti rahi
main uski jhukti nazron se.
A Good Heart And A Good Nature
Are Two Different Issues,
A Good Heart Can Win Many Relationships,
But A Good Nature
Can Win An Sustain Life Long Relationship

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