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Agar tum Soye ho to Sapno ko bhejo,
Jage ho to Yaaden bhejo,
Ro rahe ho to Aansu bhejo.
Kuchh bhi bhejo.
BOY- Potti kar raha hoon. Bolo kya bheju?
Category : Girl/Boy SMS
May the little flowers lying in gloom,
Rise and bloom, swaying endlessly,
this way and that way,
morn to dusk everyday, Get well soon.
Human brain is the most
outstanding object in world.
It functions 24 hours a day,
365 days a year.
It functions right from the time we are born,
and stop only when we enter the examination hall.
Category : Exam SMS, Funny SMS
Ishq ke sahare jiya nahi karte,
Gum ke pyalo ko piya nahi karte,
Kuchh Nawab dost hain hamare,
Jinko Preshan na karo to wo yaad bhi kia nahi karte
Category : Poetry SMS
Aik couple kahin ja raha hota hay,
k police unhain rook laiti hay and
larkay say pochti hay k tumhara apas main kia rishta hay ?Larka jawab daita hay,
“iska mamon meray mamon ko mamoon kehta hai”batain,larkay ka larki say kia rishta howa?
Category : Riddle SMS
Sardarji is not sleeping with his wife! these days
Guess why?
because somebody had told him that
it is wrong to sleep with married women.
Category : Sardar SMS
hum farz-e-dosti yuhi nibhate rahenge,
waqt bewaqt yuhi satate rahenge,
dua karo ki umar bahut lambi ho humari,
nahi to yaad ban kar tumhe rulate rahenge.
Category : Poetry SMS
If you are an "ICECREAM"
then u r so sweet.
If you are "Rose"
Then you are so soft
If you are a "Star"
Then you are so bright.
If you are my "Friend"
You are soo "Lucky".

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