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Only Love Can Remove your….
Finally What You Wear!
Friendship is a priceless gift,
That cannot be bought or sold.
But it's value is far greater,
Than a mountain of gold.
Category : Friendship SMS
I dont make jokes.
I just watch the
report the facts.
Category : Politics SMS
Father 2 his son: If u do not pass your exam this time,
dont call me Papa
After some days.......
father: how is your result?
Son: Sorry Zaheer sb
Category : Misc SMS Jokes
Astronomers say
"The universe is Finite..."
Which is a comforting
For those people ,
Who cannot remember
Where they leave Things
Category : Funny SMS
kitni mushkil se kati kal ki meri raat na pooch
dil se nikli hui honton me dabi baat na pooch
wo kis adaa se merey saamnay se guzraa abhi
kis tarha mainay sambhaley merey jazbaat na pooch
waqat jo badley to insaan badal jaatey hain
kya nahi dikhlaatey yeh gardish-e-halaat na pooch
wo kisi ka ho bhi gaya or mujhey khabar na hui
kis tarhan usney chudaya hai mujh se haath na pooch
Is tarhan pal mein mujhay begana kar diya usnay
Kis tarhan apno se khaai hai mainey maat na pooch
ab tera pyaar nahi hai to sanam kuch bhi nahi
kitni mushkil se bani thi dil ki kayenaat na pooch
Category : Ghazal SMS
Try To Present Yourself
That You Are Happy
Slowly It Becomes Your Habit
Finally It Becomes Your Character.
Waqt “Kehta‚ Hai phir Na Aaunga,
Teri Aankhon Ko Ab Na Rulaunga,
Jeena Hai To Is Pal Ko Jee Lay,
Shayd Me Kal Tak Na Ji Paunga
Category : Poetry SMS

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