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Good Relations Are
Like Needles of clock,
They only meet for
Sometime but
Always stay connected.
Wife:What is 10 years with me?
Husband:A second.
Wife:What is $1000 for me?
Husband:A coin.
Wife: Ok give me a coin.
Husband:Wait a second
Category : Funny SMS, Wife SMS
Mahak dosti ki ishq se kum nahi hoti
Ishq se zindgi khatam nahi hoti
Sath agar ho zindgi main doston ka
To zindgi jannat se kum nahi hoti
Every mother generally hopes that
her daughter will snag a better husband
than she managed to do...
she's certain that her boy will never
get as great a wife as his father did.
Category : Father's Day SMS
65 Years Ago...
A Nation Was Searching For A Piece Of Land. . .
A Piece Of Land Searching For A Nation. . .
Can Any One Help..??
((*-._ Happy Independence Day _.-*))
Never cry for the person who hurts you.
Just smile & say:
Thanks for giving me the chance
to find someone better than you.!
Category : Broken Heart SMS
A recently fired
stock trader said ...

"This is worse than divorce...
I have lost everything
I still have my wife..."
Category : Husband/Wife SMS
Na jaane kab koi taara toot jaaye,
Na jaane kab koi aansu aankh se chut jaaye,
Kuch pal hamare saath bhi has lo,
Na jaane kab tumhare daant toot jaaye..!!

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